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Improve students’ flexibility, organization, and behavior with these executive function-friendly tips

You may not have a student diagnosed with a disability in your class, but that doesn't mean some of your students don't share some of the same learning difficulties. Try incorporating these techniques designed for students with disabilities. You may end up clearing roadblocks to learning you didn't even realize were standing in your students' way! See the tips in the article and make sure you get your free downloads. Read More

Bullying and the Silence of Others

Adapted from Recognize, Respond, Report: Preventing and Addressing Bullying of Students with Special Needs, this article is a call to action for school professionals to be more active in protecting students susceptible to bullying. Read More

Stop bullying: 3 long-term solutions every teacher needs to know

As more extreme incidents of bullying and violence make the news, schools are searching for anti-bullying measures that work. Teachers often get tips on what to do if they encounter someone being bullied, but those tips may only defuse the situation at hand. What about longer-term solutions? To get to the root of bullying, try these three long-lasting strategies that will equip you to help the bullier, the bullied, and the bystander—and create a more conducive learning environment for all. Read More

Sample PreK Floor Plan for Keeping All Kids Engaged

Adapted from Engagement of Every Child in the Preschool Classroom, this colorful sample floor plan lays out for preschool educators one option in using their space efficiently and effectively to maximize student learning. Sidebar annotations provide the research-based reasoning behind this proposed classroom set-up. Read More

How to Zone Your Preschool Classroom

Zones are a great way to organize centers in your early childhood classroom! Download this tip sheet to get 6 basic rules of thumb for setting up zones successfully and making them work for you and your students. Read More