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Refresh Your Mindset on Challenging Behavior

“I can forgive past mistakes.” “I can start fresh each day.” Those two simple yet powerful statements are part of this month’s free download, a 10-sentence mantra that can help you reflect on and refresh your mindset on challenging classroom behavior (adapted from The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms). Read More

Little Kids, Big Worries Excerpt

Read this excerpt from Little Kids, Big Worries: Stress-Busting Tips for Early Childhood Classrooms to get a look at Chapter 1, Understanding Stress in Children's Lives. Read More

How Mediation Restores the Respect Webinar

In this coffee chat school psychologist Ondine Gross will discuss how to facilitate restorative teacher-student mediation—an easy, evidence-based intervention that reduces disciplinary actions and promotes wellness in a school community. She will share how restorative mediation brings the teacher and student together in a positive meeting to model social, problem solving, and communication skills. Read More

Essential Co-Teaching Tip Sheets

Share these four practical tip sheets—adapted from How to Co-Teach by Elizabeth Potts & Lori Howard—with fellow co-teachers during the school hiatus, and use them to help enrich your teaching partnerships when classes resume! Read More

Inclusive ECE Classrooms and The Project Approach Webinar

In this webinar, Project Approach and Special Education experts Drs. Sallee Beneke and Michaelene Ostrosky, will share insights into the potential of the Project Approach to support young learners in inclusive classrooms. They will review strategies and share examples and resources for meeting the educational needs of young children with diverse abilities through the Project Approach. Read More