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Brookes On Location

For all your early childhood training, and special education training needs!

Your authoritative source for tools training

Get in-depth, interactive training on today’s leading screening and assessment tools—straight from the experts who developed them! Attend a Brookes On Location seminar, and you’ll discover why professionals across the country have trusted BOL for more than ten years. Whether you set up a customized seminar at the location of your choice or opt for one of our convenient training institutes, you and your staff will get the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on practice you need to use our bestselling tools with confidence.

Customized Seminars

Get customized, affordable on-site training, specially tailored to meet the learning needs of your staff. Each Brookes On Location seminar gives you practical, immediately applicable guidance from the experts behind our tools, so you can be sure you’re using them accurately and effectively. You decide where you’d like to hold the seminar and what your program wants to learn, and we’ll collaborate with you to select a date that works for you and the speakers.


Don’t have time to plan a customized seminar? Brookes On Location’s training institutes are the most convenient way to get practical, in-depth training on our tools. We do all the set-up—just choose the seminars that meet your needs and come learn with fellow professionals from across the country. Held in some of the best cities for relaxing and recharging, the training institutes are also a perfect opportunity to network with colleagues and top experts.


Looking for specific information on a topic or screening and assessment tool published by Brookes? Look no further than our comprehensive webinars! From RTI in Early Childhood to detailed scoring and interpretations for TILLS, we have dozens of pre-recorded webinars available for free. Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for email to receive up to date information on our free live webinars as they happen.