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Top 5 Planning Tips for Families of People with Disabilities

How can families of children with disabilities navigate the complexities of planning for the future of their family and their child? The planning process may seem overwhelming at first, but getting started and taking small steps forward makes an enormous difference. In this coffee chat, Brookes authors Cynthia R. Haddad & John W. Nadworny offer 5 key tips and action items from their book, The Special Needs Planning Guide, Second Edition.

10 Questions to Consider About Your Classroom Environment

When you give directions to your class, do students generally comply? That critical question is joined by nine others every teacher should consider when assessing the effectiveness of their classroom environment, in this free download adapted from Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors.

Assessment and Treatment of Bilingual Children

Editor of the new third edition of Bilingual Language Development & Disorders in Spanish–English Speakers, Goldstein will provide SLPs with crucial information on reliably and validly assessing and treating speech and language disorders in bilingual children.

Building Preverbal Communication & Engagement

A must for educators and other professionals, this presentation focuses on key knowledge and skills from the book and explores strategies for strengthening students’ positive behavior and social-emotional skills.

Sample AEPS-3 Family Report

See a completed AEPS-3 Family Report, which helps families share important, useful information about the child and family needs, as well as family concerns and priorities.