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Well Screening® Toolkit

The Well Screening is a quick, reliable, and comprehensive way to identify kindergarten students who are at risk for learning disabilities, including developmental language disorders, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, and speech sound disorders. Download this free toolkit for a comprehensive look at the screening tool.

5 Guided Imagery Exercises

Try these 5 guided imagery exercises—adapted from trauma expert Jen Alexander’s popular book Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools—to help students manage their stress during the transition back to in-person learning.

Promoting Positive Family Partnerships within the Pyramid Model

Connecting and collaborating with families of young children is a critical success factor in early care and education classrooms. Discover new strategies for supporting families in this webinar, presented by three contributors to the practical guidebook Unpacking the Pyramid Model.