Taking Care of Them, Taking Care of You

Strategies for Student Support & Teacher Self-Care

It’s no secret: today’s teachers are stressed. Whether worrying about maintaining a work-life balance or dealing with how new developments in the U.S. education system might affect our schools, the struggle is real. And our students are feeling it too—from experiencing bullying to processing the anxiety of their parents, they too are more stressed than ever.

We’ve teamed up with some of our authors to put together a free ebook packed with tips, ideas, and advice to help stressed-out teachers and students.

Inside you’ll find helpful strategies on these and other key topics:

Teacher Self-Care Strategies
• Ideas for Practicing Mindfulness
• Tips for Conflict Resolution
• Ways to Build a Support Network

Student Support Strategies
• Activities for Reducing Stress in the Classroom
• Ways to Develop Student Leadership Skills
• Techniques for Counteracting Bullying

Before your new school year starts, take a few minutes to download and read your free student support and teacher self-care ebook now.

Schoolgirl at front of elementary class with teacher