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Tune in to these webinars on some of today’s hottest topics in education and early intervention. You’ll get invaluable insights from leading authorities, and you’ll learn practical strategies you can apply to your daily work right away. Watch the early childhood webinars, special education webinars, prerecorded special education videos, and more, anytime!

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Title Presenter(s) Summary
Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teaching Reading Louisa Moats, Ed.D. This edWebinar will present an overview of the concepts and language content that are essential for teaching reading, spelling, and writing effectively – the content in the Speech to Print (3rd edition) book and workbook. Participants will gain insight into what there is to learn about speech sounds, spelling, sentences, and text structures – the language essentials for teachers of literacy.
RTI in Early Childhood webinar series Multiple Learn about the role of tiered intervention in bolstering social-emotional, behavioral, and academic development
Inclusive ECE programs and educator EQ: Strategies for developing teachers’ emotional intelligence Kristie Pretti-Frontczak In this webinar, presented by Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, we'll explore the role Emotional Intelligence plays in forming strong relationships with children with diverse abilities. Specifically, we’ll explore five practical strategies for raising the EQ of those desiring more inclusive and blended practices.
The Power of Language: Nourishing Development of the Whole Child Dr. David Dickinson This insightful webinar, presented by Dr. David Dickinson, Cowan Chair of Education and Associate Dean for Research at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College, will describe the amazing role of language in supporting children's emotional, social, intellectual and literacy development.
Coaching in Early Childhood Dathan Rush and M’Lisa Shelden This webinar will provide the background and rationale for using a coaching interaction style in early childhood programs to build the capacity of parents, teachers, and other care providers to promote child learning within the context of everyday routines and activities.
Picture Inclusion! Snapshots of Successful Diverse Dr. Whitney Rapp, Dr. Katrina L. Arndt, and Dr. Susie M. Hildenbrand Picture inclusion in your classroom! Teaching practices that support all students are possible, and learn why and how in this edWebinar.
Planning the Transition to Employment: Tips, Tools, and Strategies Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson, Dr. Laura Owens-Johnson, and Dr. Richard Parent-Johnson This edWebinar describes strategies for exploring passions, engaging employers, customizing the placement process, and facilitating training and support to promote job success. The goal of the presentation is to share practical strategies for preparing students with a wide range of disabilities for employment before or after they graduate.
New Teachers: Surviving the Schedule Dr. Elizabeth A. Potts and Dr. Lori A. Howard New teachers are inundated with demands on their time. This edWebinar provides practical tips for balancing the demands on your time before and after school and during planning.
Building Blocks for Including and Teaching Young Children with Disabilities Susan R. Sandall, Ph.D. This edWebinar provides information about the development, use and latest revision to Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs, a multi-tiered framework for planning and providing individualized support and instruction for young children with disabilities or other special needs.
Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools by Helping Students Get Regulated Jen Alexander, MA, NCC, SB-RPT In this edWebinar with trauma expert and educator Jen Alexander to learn what trauma is, how it can affect the stress response systems of your students, and how to help students get regulated and ready to learn.
Including Students on the Spectrum: 5 Powerful Strategies Paula Kluth, Ph.D. The teacher-tested ideas featured in this presentation are easy to implement, appropriate for all ages, and can be used to plan lessons and provide practice for social and communication skills.
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Young Children: Driving Change in Early Education Dr. Judith Carta and Dr. Robin Miller Young Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)—a framework grounded in delivering evidence-based instruction of various intensity levels—can ensure that young children learn essential early academic and behavioral skills. In this edWebinar, discover how to successfully use a data-based decision-making process to match children’s needs with universal, strategic, or intensive instruction in a tiered model.