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Alternate Formats

If you are a student or instructor with a disability that prevents you from using our print products, please have your school’s Disabilities Service Coordinator or the appropriate school official complete and submit the form below.

Before submitting your request, please note:

  • alternate format requests take a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to process
  • the book requested must be adopted for classroom/course use
  • each qualified student or instructor must first purchase the print product, or the school may purchase a print copy for the student or instructor
  • requests for alternate format material must be submitted by your Disabilities Service Coordinator or other authorized school official (files will be provided only to these representatives)
  • only PDF files are available
  • instructions for accessing the files will be provided to you after your form is submitted and processed.
  • while Brookes Publishing does not offer audio, Braille, or large print versions of our products, we can grant permission for your school to have our files converted into the format best suited to your needs. However, please check first with these organizations to see if the version you need is already available:

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  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your permission request to be processed.
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