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ePyramid Online Learning Modules

From the Pyramid Model Consortium

Need to train your staff on the Pyramid Model for Promoting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children? With these convenient online modules, you’ll have a comprehensive training program to help early childhood professionals master all three tiers of the Pyramid Model: universal, targeted, and individualized supports. Featuring high-quality, evidence-based instruction, these emodules are:

Cost-effective. Affordable subscriptions make it easy to train new staff.
On-demand. Modules are available online 24/7.
Engaging and relevant. Real-world videos and examples show your staff exactly what the Pyramid Model looks like in action.
Interactive. Knowledge checks and reflective exercises help staff members retain and apply what they learn.
Age-appropriate. For training targeted to the specific age range your program works with, choose from packages focused on infants &
toddlers, preschoolers, and birth to five.


To ensure successful implementation of the Pyramid Model, choose the package that’s right for you—and be sure to add the individual module on Culturally Responsive Practices.

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Watch this short introduction to the ePyramid modules

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ePyramid Module Packages

Infant Toddler Package $49.00 annual subscription per user (18 hours of instruction)

Preschool Package $49.00 annual subscription per user (18 hours of instruction)

Birth to Five Package $49.00 annual subscription per user (18 hours of instruction)