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Brookes Publishing’s Mission Statement

What we believe at Brookes Publishing is simple: “All people deserve to reach their potential.” Each day, we work hard to help unlock that potential. We strive to be recognized as the leading and most trusted publisher in the fields we help advance, partnering with top experts to deliver relevant, high-quality, research-backed content in optimal form and price for our customers. We show our commitment and connection to the areas in which we publish through our active involvement in the communities we serve. We believe that our company’s independence is a great strength, and that our mission is best achieved through passionate dedication to a sustainable, profitable publishing program while recognizing and rewarding the unique contributions of each employee. Whether you are a professional, a faculty member, a parent, a self-advocate, or one of our business partners, we value the work you do and share your commitment to better lives and outcomes for all people.


Executive Team

Paul H. Brookes
Chairman of the Board/Founder

Jeff Brookes

Melissa Behm
Executive Vice President

George Stamathis
Executive Vice President & Publisher

Kathy Harris
Vice President of Finance

Erika Kinney
Vice President of Operations

Department Heads

Teri Burnham
Editorial Director

Tracy Cunningham
Production & Project Management Director

Michael Polizzi
Director of Sales

Jessica Reighard
Director of Marketing

Heather Shrestha
Director of Assessment & Content Solutions