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Behavior teaching plans

Learn different Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies for teaching your students with behavior issues to protest appropriately in this sample teaching plan. ABA is a highly effective, rigorously researched intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Read More

Grouping students using partner puzzles

Partner Puzzles are a fun, creative method for grouping students for small-group activities. Learn how they work in this quick classroom tip designed to decrease behavior issues and increase student motivation! Read More

Sample Hyperstudio lesson

The 5-step model for successful cooperative learning is illustrated in this sample lesson. The lesson involves students in teams using the software program Hyperstudio to plan a vacation. Read More

Student survey of classroom environment

This 10-question survey can be used to gain student perceptions about the designs and workings of the classroom environment. These perceptions can be helpful in ensuring that classrooms are well-designed and engaging for all students. Read More

What is Teacher-Student Mediation?

In this excerpt from Restore the Respect: How to Mediate School Conflicts & Keep Students Learning, author and school psychologist Ondine Gross explains mediation and how it is beneficial to both educators and students alike. Read More