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A Statement from the Brookes Team

June 4, 2020

As a publisher actively working to promote fully inclusive communities, we have watched the tragic events of the past week unfold with immense sadness and concern. Our team stands in solidarity with the Black community—today and every day—and we join you in mourning the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black Americans.

For more than forty years, our publishing company has been guided by a single, simple mission: “All people deserve to reach their full potential.” Everything we do, we do to help create a world where each learner feels safe, included, welcomed, and empowered. But we recognize that inclusive schools and communities will never be fully inclusive until we achieve racial justice and equity for all. We know that many of our readers—educators, principals, SLPs, clinicians, early interventionists, self-advocates, and others—live and work in communities that have been marginalized, oppressed, and subjected to injustice and brutality. We know that because of the lingering effects of systemic racism, many of the children we serve are facing serious obstacles to their learning and healthy development. We know that curious and bright young people will never reach their full potential if the violence of racism chokes off their options or cuts their lives short.

We know it has to stop. And we’re committed to doing our part.

First, we want to say the words: Black Lives Matter. Silence is complicity, and justice for all will never be achieved if we don’t take a stand together.

As a team, we commit to living up to our mission by looking for more ways to listen to and lift up the voices of Black educators, providers, and self-advocates, through our publishing program, our community outreach initiatives, our Inclusion Lab blog, and our social media efforts.

We stand with you, and we’ll continue working by your side to create a more just and inclusive world for all.