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Your UDL Lesson Planner Seminar

Your UDL Lesson Planner Seminar

About the seminar


Dr. Patti Kelly Ralabate

Seminar length

1 to 2 days

Number of participants


Speaker Fees

1–day: $3,000.00
2–day: $4,600.00

What do speaker fees include?

Step-by-Step: Lesson Planning for All Learners using Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) expert and author of Your UDL Lesson Planner, Dr. Patti Kelly Ralabate shares strategies with educators on the UDL lesson planning process, from developing clear, flexible learning goals to addressing diverse learner needs to reflecting on lesson assessments that matter. Participants actively engage in application exercises, reflection questions, and check-ins, and learn about the 6 practical steps of UDL lesson planning through classroom videos and vignettes that bring key UDL concepts to life.

Seminar contents include:

  • Understanding the big ideas of UDL—what it is, what it’s not
  • Creating effective, flexible, SMART learning goals based on content and performance standards
  • Addressing learner variability for learners of all ages
  • Measuring what matters by applying UDL to the assessment of student progress
  • Infusing UDL features into traditional instructional methods
  • Selecting materials, tools, and media that add real value
  • Using self-reflection strategies that lead to UDL expertise

Who will benefit from this seminar?

general education teachers, preschool educators, special educators, inclusion specialists, college instructors, specialized instructional support personnel, such as speech-language pathologists, english as a second language teachers, curriculum planners, professional development providers, administrators, principals, assistant principals.

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Your UDL Lesson Planner Seminar

Your UDL Lesson Planner Seminar


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1– or 2–day seminar (price varies based on seminar length)