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Language-focused learning activities

Read the excerpt from Academic Vocabulary for Middle School Students and view a sample language-focused learning activity. This activity explains and utilizes the Frayer Model to assist students in learning the spelling, grammatical, and morphological features of academic words in addition to their meanings. Read More

Games to play in your inclusive class

The use of games can boost the participation and interest of students, help teachers make curriculum relevant and more comprehensible, and make abstract concepts concrete. Check out this excerpt for a descriptive list of games to play in your inclusive class! Read More

Playing with your child with ASD

Use these practical tips to make playtime with your child with ASD enjoyable for everyone. The tips were gathered from Let's Talk, a practical guide for parents of young children with autism. Read More

Activity: Play Time

Here's a helpful chart on which least-intrusive adaptations early childhood teams should make in certain situations so that young students can most benefit from play time. Read More

Sample Unit: Winter Vocabulary

This excerpt from PAVEd for Success provides pre-K and kindergarten teachers with common winter vocabulary terms and strategies for introducing them to their students. Read More