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Academic assessment

In this chapter, learn how formal and informal assessment plays an important role in a student's transition to college and/or the professional world. Also included are helpful forms for transition planning like a Parent Survey of Student’s Academic-related Skills sheet and a Study Skills Inventory scale. Read More

Comprehensive Linked System Framework for Service Delivery with Young Children

Intervention activities cannot stand alone; rather, to be maximally effective they need to be supported by and linked to other critical components of service delivery. Learn about the linked system framework, which is comprised of screening, assessment, goal development, intervention, and monitoring progress as proposed in this chapter excerpt. Read More

Conversation Starters About Outcomes

In this excerpt, providers get tips on how to discuss intervention decisions with the family. Also included is a sample script in which a provider and a parent discuss a specific desired outcome regarding meal time. Read More

CCITSN and CCPSN Overview

New to The Carolina Curriculum? Here's a quick overview of the assessment and intervention program designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with mild to severe disabilities Read More

Predicting what happens next

View the sample activity to teach children how to use literacy strategies to predict what will happen next. This excerpt includes a dozen activity sheets an adult can use to elicit predictions from children. Read More

Teaching adolescent English language learners

English language learners (ELLs) tend to show even lower scores on standardized tests, and the achievement gaps between students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds remain significant. This chapter excerpt explores the stages of second-language acquisition and provides strategies for teaching EELs. Read More