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TPRI Quick-Start Guide for Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need to successfully use your Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers (PMBR) kit to assess student progress in Grades 1-3 and determine whether they’re responding to instruction. PMBR monitors student progress in three core aspects of reading: accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Read More

TPRI screening overview

TPRI screens for different literacy skills at different age ranges. Use this handy visual to see the literacy skill screened by grade level. Read More

Sample TPRI Class Summary Sheet – Grade 1

The TPRI Grouping Tools help teachers create small groups for differentiated instruction with students of similar reading ability and instructional needs. These groups provide an instructional setting well matched to students’ needs. Use this sample as a reference when completing your Class Summary Sheet for Grad 1. Read More

Tejas LEE Brochure

Discover the assessment kit that gives K-3 teachers everything they need to diagnose, intervene, and monitor their students' reading skills. Read More

TPRI – What Do I Need?

This chart shows you at a glance what products you need to conduct the TPRI Benchmarking Assessment and Progress Monitoring in each grade. Read More