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TPRI K-3 teacher’s guide sampler

If you'd like to know whether TPRI is the right reading assessment tool for your program, take a look at this Sampler excerpted from the Teacher's Guide. This thorough multi-page download explains TPRI administration decisions, data intepretation, the development process, the scope of reading concepts assessed, and more. Information on Tejas Lee, the Spanish-language assessment tool, is also provided. Read More

TPRI Quick-Start Guide for IAG

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need to successfully use your Intervention Activities Guide (IAG), the critical next step after screening and diagnosis with the TPRI Benchmarking Kit Read More

TPRI Quick-Start Guide for K-3

This Quick-Start Guide gives you the basics you need to successfully use your TPRI Benchmarking Kit.The guide covers information for conducting both the screening and the inventory. Read More

TPRI technical report (2010-2014 edition)

Learn about the development and research behind the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) in this technical report. Reliability, predictive validity, and differential item functioning analysis are described. Read More

Differentiated Instruction

Excerpted from TPRI's Intervention Activities Guide for students in kindergarten to Grade 3, this introductory section explains the purpose of differentiated instruction and how the approach can be applied to reading instruction using the Model for Reading Time. Read More

Reading Concepts Addressed in Tejas Lee

This excerpt from the Tejas Lee Teacher's Guide (Spanish Edition) includes an explanation of the purpose and development of the Spanish reading assessment as well as a description of what reading concepts are addressed in the Kindergarten through third-grade versions of the instrument. Read More