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What Report Cards Can Tell You About Essential Skills for Learning

This webinar will highlight how observable behaviors, commonly graded in a report card,inform us about the essential skills for learning success. It describes strategies that the Student Support Team can use to help streamline case presentations by the general education teacher, and arrive more quickly at key educational decisions for each student.

Where the Wild Things Are: Utilizing Music and Play to Support Self-Regulation

Dr. Anne Meeker Watson, creator of the SING.PLAY.LOVE. ® program, shares practical, fun, and easy ways to intentionally teach key skills for self-regulation and social-emotional growth. A music therapist and early childhood specialist, Anne shares songs, strategies, and stories from her extensive work "in the wild" with young children.

Teaching Expectations and Rules in Early Childhood Classrooms and Programs

This webinar shows early educators how to use behavior expectations and rules as a powerful strategy for strengthening young children’s social-emotional skills, which will lead to fewer behavior challenges down the line. You’ll learn how to establish program-wide expectations and link them to your teaching of classroom rules, while making families an integral part of the process.

Connecting Case Studies to Evidence-Based Interventions for ASD

Dr. Prelock will provide a helpful overview of the interventions highlighted in her new book and discuss how they support the social communication and social interaction of children with ASD. She’ll also talk about the supplemental casebook, and how the case studies featured in it can be exemplars for applying what we know about a child to evidence-based decision-making about interventions.

Finding and Using Online Information about ASD: Tips for Families and Professional

How can families and professionals evaluate and use online information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Get expert insights in this coffee chat with Rebecca J. McCauley, coeditor of the new edition of Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. McCauley will provide a valuable overview of several reliable online sources where families and professionals can obtain information about the latest research and clinical developments related to topics in ASD. She’ll also offer practical suggestions on how to judge the relative quality of different websites providing this information.