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Paula Kluth’s Tips and Strategies for Supporting All Students

How do we make schools responsive to every learner that walks through the door? In this video, Autism Expert Paula Kluth discusses challenges you may encounter in an inclusive classroom and the tips, supports, and strategies needed to overcome them. Her advice will benefit your students with and without disabilities. Read More

Q&A with Paula Kluth

In this video clip, Inclusion Expert Paula Kluth offers teachers positive behavior support strategies for managing an inclusive classroom as alternatives to a consequences-and-rewards system. Read More

Differentiate Instruction with Fidget Bags

Learn how to create and use fidget bags, one of Paula Kluth's 100 ways to differentiate instruction in the classroom. If students in your classroom do not need the amount of support provided by the items in a sensory box, but do need some help to stay focused on daily lessons, a fidget bag can be a good alternative. Read More

Accepting change in routines

The topic of this five-step lesson is accepting change in routines. Steps include explaining the goal with visual support, reading a short story, modelling and reinforcing, role-play and reinforcement, and promoting generalization. Read More

Behavior teaching plans

Learn different Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies for teaching your students with behavior issues to protest appropriately in this sample teaching plan. ABA is a highly effective, rigorously researched intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Read More

Body Language & Gestures

This lesson plan from The Social Compass Curriculum will help students with autism understand what others are communicating when using body language. Read More

Floortime Strategies Menu

The DIRFloortime model is a highly effective intervention approach for children and adolescents with autism and other developmental disorders. Use this printabale and laminatable two-sided sheet as a guide when choosing which Floortime strategy you need to work on for the day. Read More