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Playing with your child with ASD

Use these practical tips to make playtime with your child with ASD enjoyable for everyone. The tips were gathered from Let's Talk, a practical guide for parents of young children with autism. Read More

Early Intervention Quiz

What are the 7 key principles of effective early intervention practices? Find out in this quiz, adapted from The Early Intervention Workbook: Essential Practices for Quality Services by Lynda Cook Pletcher, M.Ed., and Naomi O. Younggren, Ph.D. Providers who follow the practices and principles outlined in The Early Intervention Workbook, based on specific recommendations from a workgroup of today's top researchers, have seen the families they work with have the greatest success. See how well you know these principles (and how well your program follows them in real life). Read More

Overview of natural environment intervention

Read this excerpt for an overview of natural environment intervention (NEI). Coverage includes NEI's legal foundations and a review of literature of effective practice when implementing NEI. An overview of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is offered, together with a discussion of research specifically related to NEI for young children with ASD. Read More

Public Meltdowns and Self-Injury

Excerpted from Freedom from Meltdowns, this chapter discusses strategies for preventing or averting public meltdowns, as well as causes of the most enigmatic behavioral challenges associated with autism, self-injury, and their prevention and treatment Read More