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Executive Skills and ADHD Webinar

This seminar is useful for any teacher who works with children who have ADHD. Erik von Hahn, M.D., will discuss the key executive skills of impulse control, working memory, and planning. He will also share strategies for what teachers and school teams can do to support children with ADHD in these critical skills. Read More

Rethinking Students: Presuming Competence

This chapter from The Occupational Therapist's Handbook for Inclusive School Practices introduces the concept of rethinking students. Rethinking a student entails getting to know the student and then reflecting on how you see, treat, provide services to, and work with him or her. Read More

Differentiate Instruction with Purposeful Puzzles

This chapter explains how to implement purposeful puzzles, a helpful Differentiated Instruction support for students who might fidget a lot during class or need to be “doing something” when they are listening or participating in a classroom discussion. Read More