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Supporting Kindergarten Readiness Using the Well Screening®



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Barbara L. Ekelman, Ph.D.



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Supporting Kindergarten Readiness Using the Well Screening®

Presented by: Barbara L. Ekelman, Ph.D.

Who this chat is for: General and special educators, administrators, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists

How can the Well Screening tool boost your efforts to support kindergarten readiness for every young learner? Find out in this coffee chat with Barbara Ekelman, codeveloper of the Well Screening. In this engaging presentation, you’ll learn all about this quick, reliable, and comprehensive tool for identifying students ages 4–6 who are at risk for learning disabilities. You’ll also examine how the results of the screener can help you plan next steps, so you can set every student on the path to future school success.


• Discover why it’s essential to screen young children, especially in the COVID-19 era
• Review the impact of remote education on early learning
• Learn how the Well Screening can help you obtain a baseline for every student, identify children’s individual learning profiles, monitor and track progress, and inform next steps
• Get a guided tour of how the Well Screening tool works
• Understand the educational and clinical relevance of the tool

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