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Tool Name

Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Third Edition (AEPS®-3)

Use to evaluate

Development of young children in eight major areas: fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, social-emotional, social-communication, cognitive, literacy, and math

Age range

Birth to six years

Completed by

Early childhood educators, early childhood special educators, early interventionists, home visitors, therapists, specialists, and psychologists, with input from family members

Time commitment

30­—120 minutes

Seamless assessment and intervention for all young children

Streamlined and enhanced with an array of user-requested updates, Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Third Edition, gives your early childhood program the most accurate, useful child data and a proven way to turn data into effective action across everything you do. From assessment and goal setting to teaching and progress monitoring, the newest edition of AEPS provides a linked system to support the young children and families you serve.


  • One continuous, seamless test for birth to 6 years
  • Two new test areas: Literacy and Math
  • Ready-Set: a new, shorter measure focused on school readiness skills
  • Reimagined tiered curriculum organized around routines and activities
  • Fully redesigned online management system to meet the needs of your program learn more about AEPSi

For a closer look at all that’s new to AEPS-3, view our slide deck.



  • Collects essential assessment data to assist with OSEP reporting, determining eligibility, building IFSPs and IEPs, planning and teaching interventions, monitoring progress, and sharing results with families
  • Tracks and supports emerging skills to highlight where real growth and development is happening
  • Picks up small increments of progress that are important for demonstrating growth for children with disabilities
  • Links assessment data to a tiered curriculum organized around 18 routines and activities
  • Actively involves families with handouts to support engagement, forms to gather input, and reports to share progress
  • Strengthens school readiness for every young child by checking and supporting core skills across all areas of child development, including pre-academic and social-emotional skills


What You'll Need


Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Third Edition, 4-Volume Set


View in Store


  • AEPS®-3 User’s Guide
  • AEPS®-3 Assessment
  • AEPS ®‐3 Curriculum—Beginning
  • AEPS ®‐3 Curriculum—Growing
  • AEPS ®‐3 Curriculum—Ready
  • AEPS®-3 Child Observation Data Form (10)
  • AEPS®-3 Family Report (10)
  • AEPS®-3 Ready-Set (10)
  • AEPS®-3 Quick Reference Guides
  • AEPS®-3 Forms USB

Additional products and resources

Other languages

The AEPS®-3 Forms USB includes printable PDFs of the AEPS-3 forms in Spanish, including the Child Observation Data Form (CODF), Ready-Set, Social-Communication Observations and Summary (SCOS), Family Report, Family Assessment of Child Skills (FACS), and Child Progress Record. The USB also includes handouts for families in Spanish.

Free downloads

Your Guide to AEPS-3

Get an in-depth look at the updates and changes to the third edition of AEPS, including a seamless assessment for children birth to 6 years; new literacy and math areas;…

AEPS-3 Test At-a-glance

Learn the essential facts about the AEPS-3 Test with this at-a-glance sheet. Find out the areas assessed, age range of children, scoring information, and more.

Sample AEPS-3 Child Observation Data Form

Get a sample of a completed AEPS-3 Child Observation Data Form (CODF) to learn more about AEPS-3 Test Areas, Strands, Goals, and Objectives.


Interrater Reliability Certification

This field‐tested online certification module helps ensure that AEPS‐3 is used accurately to promote real progress for every child. A 3-year certification is provided upon successful completion.

Take the module


Get virtual training for your organization from AEPS-3 experts. Over two days, you’ll learn how to use the new AEPS-3 system to assess, set goals, plan teaching and intervention, monitor young children’s progress.

Get training


Attend an AEPS-3 Training Institute—a 2-day, comprehensive virtual training that covers everything you need to know about how to use the AEPS-3 system to assess, set goals, plan teaching and intervention, and monitor young children’s progress.

Get training

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