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Tool Name

Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition

Use to assess

Development of young children in six major areas: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication, and social. The assessment encompasses preacademic content areas such as preliteracy, numeracy, and pre-writing.

Age range

Birth to six years

Completed by

Early childhood educators and special educators, early interventionists, and therapists, with input from caregivers/parents via the AEPS Family Report

Time commitment

30­—120 minutes

Real progress for all children, from birth to 6

New Edition Coming in December 2021!

As an early childhood professional, you work hard every day to catch young children’s delays as early as possible, choose effective interventions, and ensure that every child makes real progress. At the same time, you face a host of responsibilities, from meeting accountability mandates to managing reams of paperwork. You need the power of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition: one system that meets all your needs at once.


Seamlessly linking assessment, goal development, intervention, and evaluation, AEPS is the most reliable, effective solution for helping children with and without special needs. Choose AEPS because:

  • it’s comprehensive. AEPS is the one system that helps you do it all: assess children, plan meaningful IEPs and IFSPs, corroborate or determine eligibility, meet accountability mandates, and monitor progress.
  • it’s a proven, reliable, and highly regarded system that’s been helping children for decades.
  • it meets all NAEYC guidelines and DEC recommended practices for assessment.
  • it’s easy to use and fits right into your daily schedule.
  • it’s great for children with special needs, picking up delays and small increments of progress that most tests miss.
  • it saves time, with web-based data management and group assessment activities.
  • it’s the family favorite, helping parents learn about their child’s development and addressing their concerns and goals.


What You'll Need


Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition, 4-Volume Set


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AEPS Administration Guide


AEPS Curriculum for Birth to Three Years

AEPS Curriculum for Three to Six Years

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Forms on CD-ROM

Forms on paper

Child Progress Record

Family Report

AEPS IRR Certification

Other languages

Photocopiable Spanish translations of all AEPS forms are included in the AEPS Administration Guide.

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Alignments with state standards and the Common Core State Standards

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AEPSi Technical Information

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Learn about robust reporting with AEPSi

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Training and free webinars

Get training on AEPS®: A Linked System of Assessment, Evaluation, and Intervention. Presented by Brookes On Location.

Reliable assessment and effective programming with AEPS®

For professionals supporting children from birth–6, learn how to identify current skills, develop appropriate goals, choose interventions, and measure progress with AEPS.

For more extensive information on AEPS and the web-based management system AEPSi, visit the website.

Free webinar series on using AEPS virtually.

Now Available! AEPS Interrater Reliability Certification online modules.