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Web-based data management for AEPS®

Streamline AEPS ®-3 and make your job easier! We know how important your job is, and how challenging your busy schedule can be. That’s why AEPSinteractive™(AEPSi™)—the web-based management system for AEPS—was specially designed to make your job easier and help you seamlessly link assessment, goal development, intervention, and evaluation.


A highly secure, user-friendly system, AEPSi helps you:

  • shorten assessment time. With the assessment activities included in AEPSi, you can complete the entire AEPS-3 Test for up to 6 children at a time during just a few everyday activities.
  • focus on children, not paperwork. AEPSi automatically scores the AEPS-3 Test and generates your paperwork: score summaries, graphs of children’s progress, lists of IFSP/IEP targets, and more.
  • meet OSEP reporting mandates. At no extra charge, AEPSi offers an automated, one-click OSEP report based on an expertly validated crosswalk between AEPS-3 and OSEP Indicators #3 (Part C) and #7 (Part B, Section 619).
  • conduct aggregate reporting. Programs in the same district, region, or state can be linked so that administrators can generate “roll-up” OSEP reports.
  • determine and/or corroborate eligibility for services. With one click, AEPSi generates a comparison of the child’s scores to empirically derived cutoff scores and provides guidance on using the results for eligibility determination in your state.
  • collect custom data. AEPSi lets you add unlimited data fields to child records so you can collect and import the data your program or state requires.


What You'll Need


Annual subscription

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Custom assessments, automated scoring, robust reporting, and more.


All the technical training and support your program needs to successfully use AEPSi is covered by the subscription fee. Included with every AEPSi subscription are: an introductory web-based account set-up/walkthrough for your AEPSi system administrator, 24/7 technical support by phone and email for all users, self-guided online tutorials, online user’s manual, and extensive, regularly updated FAQs.

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