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Coffee Chats with Brookes

Looking for a new professional development opportunity? Tune in to this series of free video chats with Brookes authors, renowned experts on inclusive education, early childhood, and communication and language development. These brief, informal chats are a great chance to get tips and guidance from the experts on the topics you care about the most.



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7 Things Every Teacher Should Know about the Physiological Impact of Trauma

Wed, August 25, 2021 2:00 PM ET
Presented by: Dyane Lewis Carrere, M.Ed.

Age range: Preschool through high school
Who this chat is for: Classroom teachers, administrators, educational support personnel (school counselors, school psychologists, etc.)

How does trauma affect both the brain and body, and how can teachers best support students with trauma histories? Discover the answers in this coffee chat with Dyane Lewis Carrere, author of The Re-Set Process and an expert on trauma-informed teaching.

This engaging presentation will explore educationally relevant understandings from the science of trauma, clarify the physiological impact of trauma on children, and offer practical strategies any teacher can implement in the classroom. Based on the concept of universal design—essential for some, good for all—these invaluable strategies will help educators provide necessary support to students in the wake of the pandemic and beyond.


Attendees will:

  • Get a clear understanding of the biochemical impact of stress on the brain and body
  • Learn how trauma-impacted neurological systems may show up in school as “behavior issues”
  • Discover strategies for arranging the learning environment to better support students with trauma histories
  • Receive helpful, ready-to-use instructional strategies that meet the needs of students who experience trauma

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