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Supporting Families in Uncertain Times

During the current worldwide emergency, when our familiar routines are disrupted, many of us experience a heighten sense of uncertainty. Although information is widely available, it is often conflicting and hard to navigate. In this coffee chat, we acknowledge what we don’t know and offer an opportunity to think about ways to increase feelings of safety and regulation during this unprecedented time.

How Mediation Restores the Respect Webinar

In this coffee chat school psychologist Ondine Gross will discuss how to facilitate restorative teacher-student mediation—an easy, evidence-based intervention that reduces disciplinary actions and promotes wellness in a school community. She will share how restorative mediation brings the teacher and student together in a positive meeting to model social, problem solving, and communication skills.

Self-Care in the Era of COVID-19

This webinar session will identify several key brain-based methods for taking care of oneself and others in the midst of the stress of this pandemic. Practical simple considerations will be shared—many of which link to trauma-informed school practices.

Trauma-Sensitive Student Support During School Closures Webinar

As more and more schools close due to the spread of COVID-19, how can school teams work together to help caregivers provide trauma-sensitive supports for kids? Get practical guidance from trauma expert Jen Alexander in this informative and engaging webinar.