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10 conflict-busters for IEP meetings

Collaborative and productive IEP meetings lay the foundation for better student outcomes—but with so many complicated and emotionally charged decisions involved, the meeting room can feel like a minefield. Read More

What is Teacher-Student Mediation?

In this excerpt from Restore the Respect: How to Mediate School Conflicts & Keep Students Learning, author and school psychologist Ondine Gross explains mediation and how it is beneficial to both educators and students alike. Read More

8 Reasons Why Teacher-Student Mediation Should be in Every School

Are you adamant about setting up a teacher-student mediation system in your school but are having a tough time persuading the decision-makers? Then use this one-sheet as a reference when explaining the many benefits of this common sense solution to conflict resolution as outlined in Restore the Respect. Read More

Support for grieving children: what to do

Read the excerpt to better understand concrete steps schools and teachers can take that will help bereaved children. Included in the excerpt are six goals of intervention, suggestions for how to act, and examples of what to say to grieving children Read More

The Color Poem

Often, teaching poetry in the classroom is achieved successfully through imagery. This introductory lesson from The Word in Play provides students with insight into their own creative depths, helping to establish their “eye for resemblances.” Read More