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Differentiate Instruction with Purposeful Puzzles

This chapter explains how to implement purposeful puzzles, a helpful Differentiated Instruction support for students who might fidget a lot during class or need to be “doing something” when they are listening or participating in a classroom discussion. Read More

Building Classroom Expertise

Imagine the possibilities for changing student attitudes and perspectives if students were invited not only to share their fascinations but also to serve as classroom experts and teachers in those areas. This quick excerpt provides ideas for building classroom expertise via student interests and passions. Read More

Improve students’ flexibility, organization, and behavior with these executive function-friendly tips

You may not have a student diagnosed with a disability in your class, but that doesn't mean some of your students don't share some of the same learning difficulties. Try incorporating these techniques designed for students with disabilities. You may end up clearing roadblocks to learning you didn't even realize were standing in your students' way! See the tips in the article and make sure you get your free downloads. Read More

Making inclusion work: 5 strategies every teacher should know

Today's classrooms have changed significantly since many educators received their formal training. As inclusive classrooms become the norm, many teachers are hungry for insights that will help them ensure students with various abilities make strides individually while their classes progress as a whole. Here are five fresh approaches you can apply to create successful inclusive classrooms. Read More

Math matters: Get help for your students who struggle

Math matters. Whether you're making change in your first job as a cashier, calculating a household budget, or attempting to negotiate the national debt ceiling, solid math skills are key. As math achievement gains greater focus on the national stage and in the classroom, teachers are seeking ways to help their students who struggle with math. Here are 6 downloads of free insights and strategies you can use to help those students succeed. Read More

Personalize learning with these tips and tools and increase student achievement

Personalized student learning is a key contributor to higher achievement–and a bottom-line goal of the Race to the Top initiative. We want to help you reach that goal, whether your district is competing for Race to the Top funds or you are developing your own plans to strengthen teaching and learning. Packed with expert advice and free downloads in six specific areas, this round-up of resources will help you take teaching beyond a one-size-fits-all model and accelerate learning for every student in your school or district. Read More

5 tips for getting all your students engaged in learning

Teachers get all kinds of tips on how to make instruction more effective, but what is one sure thing you can do, regardless of content area, to make learning stick? Make the material relatable to students! Get them involved. Engaged students are motivated students. Try these easy steps to help your students feel personally connected to what they're working on and watch their interest come alive. Read More

Believe in my child with special needs!

Special education professor Mary Falvey wrote Believe in My Child with Special Needs! to celebrate children's abilities. Dr. Falvey shares 6 simple adjustments parents and teachers can make to ensure a child’s experience of school is a positive one. Read More