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TPBI2 Seminar

TPBI2 Seminar


Brenda Bush, M.Ed.
Toni Linder, Ed.D.

Seminar length

1–3 days

Number of participants

Varies by length of presentation; longer seminars involve more hands-on activities that can only be done by small groups

Speaker Fees

Transdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, Second Edition (TPBI2)
1–day: $3,250.00 (up to 25 attendees)
2–day: $4,300.00 (up to 25 attendees)
3–day: $6,050.00 (up to 25 attendees)

TPBI2 and Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Second Edition (TPBA2)
2–day: $4,025
3–day: $6,050

What do speaker fees include?

Using TPBI2 to Develop Effective Play-Based Interventions for Young Children

Dr. Toni Linder presents Transdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, Second Edition (TPBI2) and shows professionals how they can use TPBI to translate the results of Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Second Edition (TPBA2) into effective interventions, including IEPs and IFSPs, for young children from infancy through age 6. She explains how to use the TPBI2 planner to select the most appropriate and engaging activities for each child, based on the child’s goals and current abilities. Participants will also get strategies for working with families and will learn how to adapt those strategies to suit individual children’s and families’ needs. Dr. Linder illustrates TPBI2 use through examples on video.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

Special educators, psychologists, speech-language pathologists and therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, early intervention specialists.

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TPBI2 Seminar

TPBI2 Seminar


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1– to 3–day seminar covering topics of your preference (price varies based on seminar length).


Required Materials

More Information

Combine this seminar with a presentation on Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Second Edition (TPBA2) and/or Read, Play, and Learn!®, the transdisciplinary, play-based curriculum. If participants are not familiar with TPBA2, it is recommended that the seminar begin with a presentation of this assessment content. Allow at least two days for a combined presentation.

This seminar can be a one-day overview, a five-day seminar full of hands-on learning experiences, or any length in between. A two-day presentation is recommended. Let us know the background of the audience, and the speaker will gear the instruction to their needs, emphasizing strategies relevant to particular domains of development within a holistic framework.

Have another idea? Tell us about it, and we’ll do our best to customize this seminar to your needs!

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