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How Trauma Affects a Student’s Psyche: What Educators Need to Know and Do

If we conceptualize trauma as an "emotional heart attack," what would that lead us to do as education professionals? What would we choose NOT to do? Discover the answers in this presentation by Dyane Lewis Carrere, M.Ed., author of The Re-Set Process, a trauma-informed, neuroscience-based approach to improving behavioral success in children from Grades K–8. This engaging session will explore the ways in which trauma affects children’s psyches: how they feel about themselves and how they relate to others and their world. Carrere will also connect those understandings with practical strategies that attendees can implement in their classrooms and schools. Read More

8 Positive Thinking Assignments for Students

Whether you’re trying to help a frustrated student get unstuck or looking for a change of pace between lessons, these short writing assignments—adapted from Jen Alexander’s Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools—will help foster positivity in your classroom. Read More

Supporting Stressed Students During COVID-19: Noticing and Meeting Children’s Needs As Schools Reopen

As schools reopen, what feelings and needs should educators prepare to notice and address in their students as a result of these stressors? And how can educators work together to respond to students in ways that help everyone feel safe and ready to learn? Get practical answers in this webinar from experienced educator and trauma expert Jen Alexander, author of the bestselling book Building Trauma-Sensitive Schoolsand the timely new ebook Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19. Read More