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MEISR At-a-Glance

Get an at-a-glance look at the MEISR, including what it assesses, who conducts the MEISR, the routines assessed, and more! Read More

The Project Approach for All Learners Video Content

In-service and preservice teachers often receive training in a curricular approach without considering how they might actually integrate it into their own setting. The video package included with The Project Approach for All Learners shows real teachers in their classrooms, modeling the book’s key strategies. View the handout for a full list of video content included in the online materials. Read More

Getting Started With the Project Approach

Read this excerpt from The Project Approach for All Learners: A Hands-On Guide for Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms for an overview of the approach, including an examination of the evidence base of its historical roots. This chapter also examines the potential of the Project Approach as a context for universal design for learning. Read More

Research base for Read, Play, and Learn!

Read the research base for Read, Play, and Learn! and discover how various dimesions of literacy are applied in the curriculum. Dimesions include: oral language, listening, speaking, written language, writing, viewing, presenting, play, and scaffolding literacy. Read More

CCITSN and CCPSN Overview

New to The Carolina Curriculum? Here's a quick overview of the assessment and intervention program designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with mild to severe disabilities Read More

TPRI – What Do I Need?

This chart shows you at a glance what products you need to conduct the TPRI Benchmarking Assessment and Progress Monitoring in each grade. Read More