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Refresh Your Mindset on Challenging Behavior

“I can forgive past mistakes.” “I can start fresh each day.” Those two simple yet powerful statements are part of this month’s free download, a 10-sentence mantra that can help you reflect on and refresh your mindset on challenging classroom behavior (adapted from The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms). Read More

10 Supports for Use in Inclusive Classrooms

Have you considered flexible seating options in your classroom like yoga balls, bean bags, or standing desks? What about scaffolded graphic organizers? Those are just two of the support tips for inclusive classrooms that we’ve highlighted in this free download, adapted from Picture Inclusion! Read More

Unsilenced: Chapter 13 Excerpt

In this excerpt from Chapter 13 of Unsilenced, Dr. Howard Shane recounts his early experiences teaching his students to use an innovative communication device he invented. It’s a fascinating look into the early days of augmentative and alternative communication. Read More

Dyslexia Quote Round-Up

In honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month, we put together a list of 8 insightful quotes on effective instruction for students with dyslexia. Ready to share with fellow educators, these quotes were excerpted from the book Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, OWL LD, and Dyscalculia, Second Edition, by Virginia W. Berninger, Ph.D., & Beverly J. Wolf, M.Ed. Read More