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6 Benefits of Teacher Collaboration

If you’re a teacher, you probably hear a lot about the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. But when you’re faced with the reality of hectic schedules, lesson plans, parent meetings, and constant time crunches, it can be tough to find time to exchange ideas with other teachers and make sure you’re on the same page. See what one Pennsylvania superintendent did to improve collaboration among the teachers in their school—and discover 6 ways this increased collaboration helped both educators and students succeed. Read More

Teaching adolescent English language learners

English language learners (ELLs) tend to show even lower scores on standardized tests, and the achievement gaps between students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds remain significant. This chapter excerpt explores the stages of second-language acquisition and provides strategies for teaching EELs. Read More

Using the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool to Support Implementation of Effective Practices: Case Studies

Read the case studies and learn how how the TPOT can be used to inform the design, delivery, and evaluation of professional development related to implementation of Pyramid Model practices. The first case study illustrates how the TPOT could be used when coaching an individual teacher. The second case study describes the use of the TPOT at the program-wide level to identify professional development needs and then to plan and monitor professional development activities using a data-based decision-making framework. Read More

ASQ Success Story: First 5 El Dorado

Read how First 5 El Dorado made screening accessible by creating 20 ASQ kits and dispensing them in county libraries—boxes packed with everything a parent would need to complete ASQ with their child. Read More