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Unstuck Fast Facts

Take a closer look at Unstuck and On Target! An Executive Function Curriculum to Improve Flexibility, Planning, and Organization, Second Edition.

Teaching Expectations and Rules in Early Childhood Classrooms and Programs

This webinar shows early educators how to use behavior expectations and rules as a powerful strategy for strengthening young children’s social-emotional skills, which will lead to fewer behavior challenges down the line. You’ll learn how to establish program-wide expectations and link them to your teaching of classroom rules, while making families an integral part of the process.

Finding and Using Online Information about ASD: Tips for Families and Professional

How can families and professionals evaluate and use online information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Get expert insights in this coffee chat with Rebecca J. McCauley, coeditor of the new edition of Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. McCauley will provide a valuable overview of several reliable online sources where families and professionals can obtain information about the latest research and clinical developments related to topics in ASD. She’ll also offer practical suggestions on how to judge the relative quality of different websites providing this information.

Collaboration and teamwork with families and professionals

Read the excerpt and learn about issues related to the creation of collaborative relationships with families, team members, and other professionals. Topics covered include: the importance of family–professional collaboration, the family-centered approach and family systems theory, team models in early intervention, strategies for effective collaboration, and best practice highlights.

Supporting Stressed Students During COVID-19: Noticing and Meeting Children’s Needs As Schools Reopen

As schools reopen, what feelings and needs should educators prepare to notice and address in their students as a result of these stressors? And how can educators work together to respond to students in ways that help everyone feel safe and ready to learn? Get practical answers in this webinar from experienced educator and trauma expert Jen Alexander, author of the bestselling book Building Trauma-Sensitive Schoolsand the timely new ebook Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19.