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Tool name

Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales™ (CSBS™)

Use to evaluate

CSBS consists of 22 communication and symbolic rating scales grouped into seven “clusters”: communicative functions, gestural communicative means, vocal communicative means, verbal communicative means, reciprocity, social-affective signaling, and symbolic behavior.

Age range

CSBS is used with infants and toddlers whose functional communication age is between 6 and 24 months and for children up to 72 months who exhibit atypical development.

Completed by

Caregivers and professionals trained to assess young children (e.g., speech-language pathologists, early interventionists, or psychologists); professionals score

Time commitment

Approximately 50–75 minutes for child assessment; 60–75 minutes for in-depth scoring

What’s the best way to catch communication delays in young children?

Use CSBS™—a norm-referenced, standardized instrument for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

For young children at risk for communication delays and impairments, there’s no better assessment tool than Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales™ (CSBS™)—a reliable, in-depth instrument that uses parent interviews and direct observations of natural play to collect crucial information on communication development. Unlike other language assessments, CSBS surveys both communication skills and often-overlooked indicators of symbolic development, including gestures, facial expressions, and play behaviors. Backed by technical data and compatible with today’s popular developmental curricula, CSBS is your key to meeting the urgent need for early identification of language and communication disorders.

Looking for a shorter, faster screening and evaluation tool for communicative behavior and symbolic development? Discover CSBS DP™.


  • one of the best measures of early communication
  • the norm-referenced and standardized
  • uses parent interviews and naturalistic sampling procedures
  • collects often-overlooked communicative behaviors like communicative functions, gestures, rate of communicating, positive affect, and gaze shifts



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Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS), Normed Edition


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