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ASQ® Online

ASQ® Online

Ensure accurate & efficient ASQ implementation with web-based options

Make the most of your time and your screening dollars with user-friendly options for data management and online questionnaire completion. You’ll slash your paperwork time through streamlined data management processes, eliminate the cost of photocopying and mailing questionnaires, and ensure accuracy with automated scoring and questionnaire selection.

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Whether you’re a home visitor, educator, pediatrician, or other early childhood professional, ASQ® Online  will help your program save time and ensure accurate ASQ implementation.

Manage your screening program with the user-friendly systems ASQ® Pro (for single-site programs and practices) and ASQ® Enterprise (for multi-site programs), complete with automated scoring, easy report generation, and more. And to give parents a secure option for online questionnaire completion, add ASQ® Family Access to your Pro or Enterprise account.


  • Save time. ASQ® Online will save staff time with automated scoring of questionnaires and calculation of a child’s age. The system also reduces the time involved in managing questionnaire mail-out programs with included templates and automated population of child and caregiver information.
  • Eliminate scoring errors. Questionnaire results are scored automatically, eliminating human scoring errors. The online system automatically calculates ratio scoring when a question was skipped and gives users an alert when more than 2 questions were skipped.
  • Give parents access to complete questionnaires online. With ASQ Family Access, parents can complete ASQ questionnaires online at their convenience.
  • Easy access to data at your fingertips 24/7. All staff will have access to child records and screening data at any time from any location with internet access.


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ASQ® Online

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ASQ Pro (for single site programs)

ASQ Enterprise (for multi-site programs)

To determine which version of ASQ Online you require, please review our site guidelines.

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