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Considerations When Selecting a Screening Tool

With a variety of screening tools available, screening programs are faced with choosing a measure that is consistent with their goals and resources. Download this resource for seven factors to consider when selecting a developmental or social-emotional screening tool. Read More

Screening Tool Completion Methods

There are a variety of methods programs can choose when administering developmental and social-emotional screening tools as part of the Child Find process. Use this chart to learn about common methods. Read More

BESA™ Brochure

Discover the Bilingual English–Spanish Assessment™ (BESA™), a valid and reliable assessment that specifically responds to the needs of young Spanish-English bilingual children ages 4 to 6. Read More

QUILS™ Reports Excerpt

QUILS is well-known for it’s colorful, easy-to-understand, & fully automated reports. Take a closer look by downloading the samples. Read More

SLS Screener

Learn more about the Student Language Scale (SLS) that reliably screens students ages 6–18 years for language/literacy disorders, including dyslexia. Read More

Social-Emotional Screening Toolkit

Use these tip sheets, parent handouts, and activities to effectively implement ASQ:SE-2, involve families in the screening process, and boost a child’s social-emotional development between screenings. Read More