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Language Screening of Pre-School Bilingual (Spanish-English) Children

How can you tell if young bilingual children are making age-appropriate language progress? The Quick Interactive Language Screener ™: English–Spanish (QUILS ™: ES) can help—and this free coffee chat will introduce you to this web-based, game-like screener. Developed for use with English–Spanish bilingual children from ages 3 to 5:11, QUILS: ES measures not only language products (what the child already knows in both languages) but also language processes (how the child learns new words and grammar structures). Presented by co-developers of QUILS: ES, this webinar is a must for professionals who work with bilingual preschoolers. Read More

Introducing the Well Screening®

Now exclusively distributed by Brookes, the Well Screening ® tool is your quick, reliable, and comprehensive way to identify kindergarten students (ages 4–6) who are at risk for learning disabilities, including developmental language disorders, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, and speech sound disorders. With just one 20-minute screener, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), special and general educators, and school psychologists can examine student performance in multiple skill areas that predict their future success in school. Watch this webinar to get an introduction to the Well Screening®. Read More