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Connecting Data Across Systems

Many organizations providing services to young children have centralized database and tracking systems. When planning a screening program, it’s essential to consider how screening data will fit with these existing systems. Use this resource to learn about how you can incorporate ASQ data into your existing data systems. Read More

Screening Success Decisions Guide

A successful screening and monitoring program is supported by thorough and comprehensive planning. Use this decisions guide to make sure you consider key questions as you plan your program. Read More

Training Portal

Introduce ASQ to your staff anytime and anywhere with the free resources in the ASQ Training Portal. These presentations, activities, and handouts can be used again and again to teach new staff members the fundamentals of ASQ and empower them to work effectively with children and families. Read More

Implementation Progress Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to provide assistance during the early stages of developing your screening program. However, staff may find it useful to refer back to this worksheet even after your program is established. Use this worksheet to check your program’s progress and see how well you are implementing your ASQ screening program. Read More

Measuring the Quality of Inclusive Programs

How can programs measure the quality of their inclusive classrooms? This session from the 2018 QRIS BUILD Conference focused on the efforts of local communities to determine the quality of inclusive practices at QRIS sites using The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP). Participants were provided an overview of the pilot projects used and resources for utilizing the ICP at their own sites. Read More

TPITOS Overview Poster

This poster provides an overview of the Teaching Pyramid Infant-Toddler Observation Scale, a tool for measuring fidelity of implementation of practices for promoting social emotional development in infant and toddler settings will be provided. Alignments with the DEC Recommended Practices, and its utility for informing coaching and professional development are also explained. Read More