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Supporting Families in Uncertain Times

During the current worldwide emergency, when our familiar routines are disrupted, many of us experience a heighten sense of uncertainty. Although information is widely available, it is often conflicting and hard to navigate. In this coffee chat, we acknowledge what we don’t know and offer an opportunity to think about ways to increase feelings of safety and regulation during this unprecedented time. Read More

Optimizing Shared Book Reading

As many parents are currently playing a bigger role in educating their children at home, reading with children is highly encouraged! This session will highlight how parents can optimize the learning accomplished during book reading and beyond. For example, a quick preview of books may help parents identify a few useful words that children do not know and a few questions to make children think. Read More

Supporting Each and Every Child During Transitions

This session will discuss strategies and ideas that families and caregivers can use to support children ages 2-5 with transition between daily home-based routines and activities, as well as strategies for helping children to adapt to changes in their everyday life experiences. Read More

Using the MEISR Webinar

This free 45-minute webinar, hosted by the developers of the MEISR, explains unique features of the MEISR, its relationship to the Routines-Based Interview (RBI), how results can be used to help early interventionists and programs, and more! Live Q&As followed each webinar during the original broadcast. Read More