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TPOT At-A-Glance

To find out if Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) is the right tool for your early childhood program, check out this At-A-Glance sheet. Download now to learn what the tool assesses, who administers it, how long it takes, and more. Read More

TPOT sample excerpt

This excerpt shows sample completed pages from the TPOT form. Two items from the Key Practices subscale, the Red Flags subscale, and the Scoring Summary Profile are included. Read More

Using the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool to Support Implementation of Effective Practices: Case Studies

Read the case studies and learn how how the TPOT can be used to inform the design, delivery, and evaluation of professional development related to implementation of Pyramid Model practices. The first case study illustrates how the TPOT could be used when coaching an individual teacher. The second case study describes the use of the TPOT at the program-wide level to identify professional development needs and then to plan and monitor professional development activities using a data-based decision-making framework. Read More

Positive preschool behavior: Tools to improve children’s social-emotional skills

Any preschool teacher can tell you that behavior is critical to a positive learning and play environment. Fostering young children's social-emotional development not only smooths out the preschool day for everyone, but also helps children do better later in school and life. Here are 4 tools you can use to make sure your program is implementing best practices, supporting children's social skills, and addressing challenging behaviors. Read More