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LSP™ Seminar

LSP™ Seminar

About the seminar


Brad Richardson, Ph.D

Seminar length

8 hours

Number of participants

Virtual – 18

In-person – 26

Speaker Fees


What do speaker fees include?

Implementing Life Skills Progression™ (LSP™)

Prepare your staff and managers to implement Life Skills Progression™ (LSP™), a field-tested tool for recording home visiting data, planning interventions, and monitoring outcomes of young children and their families! To help your organization adopt LSP successfully, an LSP expert will consult with you before your seminar. Then, during the seminar, two LSP trainers will teach participants scoring guidelines and show them how to use LSP for clinical intervention planning. For data recording and reporting purposes, the seminar will focus on achieving high inter-rater reliability.

Through role-play and case discussions, participants will

  • examine the history of home visitation data and explore the Utilization Focused Evaluation theory of “useful data”
  • learn to score and use the LSP reliably with individual parents and infants
  • practice using the LSP to document progress, plan interventions, and support reflective practices
  • discuss LSP integration issues specific to the needs of your program or system

Who will benefit from this seminar

Home visitation programs and professionals working with at-risk families of children 0-3, including public health nurses, social workers, parent educators, and mental health care providers

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LSP™ Seminar

LSP™ Seminar


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1–day seminar covering scoring guidelines and how to use LSP for clinical intervention planning.

This seminar is offered virtually or in-person. For an in-person seminar, travel fees apply. All LSP TOTs will be held in person at the University of Iowa; organizations and participants must be able to travel.

Required Materials

**Note: One copy of the tool must be owned by the organization. We recommend that additional copies be made available for training participants.

More Information

  • Speaker fees: $4,025.00 plus cost of travel to the University of Iowa, Des Moines
  • To participate in the TOT, the attendee must have attended the 1-day LSP training.
  • The LSP TOT seminar must be in person.
  • Each attendee must own a copy of the LSP, 2nd edition.

Training of trainer seminars and keynote or conference presentations are also available for the LSP. Let us know if any of these options interest you.

Implementing LSP throughout your region or state? Let us know so we can tailor this seminar to meet your needs.

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