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Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Seminar

Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Seminar

About the seminar


Carla Fenson, M.Ed.
Lia Rucker
Tracey West, Ph.D.
Amy Grattan, Ph.D.
Michelle Ogorek


Level I: ½-day Overview Session

Level II: 5-day Overview Session with Classroom Observation Reliability Session



Level I Overview Session: Maximum of 25 participants

Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session: 3 participants per 1 Trainer


Level I 4½-hour Overview Session: One expert Trainer for one (1), 4–4 ½ hour Overview Session. (This training can be in-person or virtual, please inquire for details.)

Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session (5-day training including the ½-day Overview): One expert Trainer for five (5) consecutive days. Please note 3 participants maximum per 1 trainer. (This training is an in-person training only, please inquire for details.)

Inclusive Classroom Profile™ (ICP™)

About the Inclusive Classroom Profile™ (ICP™): Created by Dr. Elena Soukakou, the ICP is a structured observation rating scale designed to assess the quality of classroom practices in early childhood settings that support the developmental needs of children 2½–5-years-old with disabilities.

Brookes On Location offers two levels of training and certification on the ICP:  Level I Overview Session and Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session.

Level I Overview Session

This 4½-hour Overview Session provides basic information on how to administer and score the ICP. Attendees of the Level I Overview Session will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the ICP Overview Training. Participants who receive this certification may use the measure in their classrooms for informal observations; however, we strongly recommend Level II Reliability Training for anyone intending to conduct a complete ICP assessment. Maximum of 25 participants.

Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session (prerequisite: Level I Overview Session training)

The Level I Overview Session is offered on a Monday afternoon, with Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Sessions immediately following on Tuesday–Friday. After gaining Level I Certification, participants can achieve Level II Reliability Training Certification through classroom practice and feedback over these four additional days (8:00–4:00 pm). Maximum of 3 participants per 1 Master Trainer.

The Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session will involve four classroom observation visits for each participant in a pre-k inclusive classroom with an ICP certified trainer, a three-hour debriefing session with an ICP certified trainer following each classroom visit, and an assessment of reliability proficiency, according to the ICP official reliability proficiency criteria.

For completing the additional four-day Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session and meeting the reliability proficiency criteria, Brookes On Location awards the Certification of ICP Reliability, official recognition by the ICP author that the participant is a qualified, reliable, and proficient user of the ICP. Individuals who obtain Level II certification may also support other members of their own team who have received Level I certification only and help them meet the recommended criteria.


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Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™) Seminar

ICP™ Seminar

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½-day seminar focused on the ICP tool or 5-day seminar focused on ICP reliability training.

Required Materials

Level I Overview Session: one (1) ICP Tool (Stock # 79901) to each participant, sold in packages of 5.

Level II Classroom Observation Reliability Session: one (1) ICP Tool (Stock # 79901) to each participant plus (1) ICP Manual (Stock #79918) to those being trained to reliability. 

Please note that the prices do not include the required products such as, but not limited to, the ICP Tool required for each person nor the ICP Manual required for each person who is completing the Reliability Classroom Observations.

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