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AEPS® Seminar

AEPS® Seminar

About the seminar

Speakers from the EMRG Board

Diane Bricker, Ph.D., President; Carmen Dionne, Ph.D.Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Ed.D., J.J. Johnson, Ph.D.Marisa Macy, Ph.D., Kristine Slentz, Ph.D., & Misti Waddell, M.S.

Seminar length

2 days

Number of participants

10-40 (for larger groups, inquire about options)

Speaker Fees

$5800 for two days (for longer seminars, inquire about options)

What do speaker fees include?

AEPS®: A Linked System of Assessment, Evaluation, and Intervention

Information about training on the new AEPS-3 will be available in January 2022.

Learn to make the most of the highly respected AEPS system to assess and monitor young children.

Participants will learn how to use AEPS® to provide services for children from birth to 6 years who have special needs or who are at risk for developmental delays. The step-by-step approach taken by the speakers demystifies AEPS, making it accessible for all service providers, and shows how using AEPS can improve program efficiency and outcomes for children and their families.

Developed by Diane Bricker, Ph.D., and colleagues from the University of Oregon through more than 10 years of field-testing, the AEPS measurement volume tracks children’s skills in 6 key areas while the two curriculum volumes offer corresponding age-appropriate activity-based intervention strategies. The measurement and curriculum volumes are closely linked to provide a seamless relationship among assessment, IEP/IFSP development, instruction, and evaluation.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

Early interventionists, early childhood educators in general and special education, family service coordinators, administrators, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists

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AEPS® Seminar

AEPS® Seminar


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2–day seminar covering topics of your preference (listed below).

Required Materials

Available topics

The topics listed below can be combined to create the seminar best suited for your organization. Using AEPS to Link Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation provides topics for an introductory seminar or advanced instruction. Using AEPS to Support Family Involvement offers additional topics focused on the family’s role in AEPS that can be incorporated into an introductory or advanced seminar. Using AEPS Curriculum provides the link from assessment to intervention and shows participants how to put into practice AEPS Curriculum.

Using AEPS to Link Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation

  • Linked system approach to providing early intervention services
  • Purposes of assessment
  • Content and organization of AEPS
  • Administering AEPS
  • Scoring and summarizing AEPS
  • Targeting quality goals and objectives from AEPS results
  • Monitoring child progress using AEPS
  • Designing data collection systems
  • Selecting intervention targets
  • Assessing groups of children
  • Involving related service personnel

Using AEPS to Support Family Involvement

  • Family involvement in assessment
  • AEPS Family Report
  • Talking with families about their daily routines
  • Identifying family priorities, resources, and concerns
  • Preparing the family for the IFSP/ IEP process
  • Working with diverse family structures
  • Involving families in progress monitoring and program evaluation
  • AEPS Child Progress Record

Using AEPS Curriculum

  • Understanding curriculum
  • Content and organization of AEPS Curriculum
  • Linking assessment and curriculum
  • Using AEPS Curriculum within an activity-based approach
  • Individualizing instruction for young children using AEPS Curriculum
  • Embedding goals and objectives into routines and planned intervention activities
  • AEPS Curriculum and its tie to other preschool curricula or state standards

Seminar options

Speakers can tailor the seminar to address your needs in working with children from birth to age 3, ages 3 to 6, or birth to age 6, and instruction can be customized to suit your staff’s experience. Select the topics you would like the speaker to address, or simply let us know if you would like an “introductory” or “advanced” seminar.

Have another idea? Tell us about it, and we’ll do our best to customize this seminar to your needs!

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