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AEPS-3 Area & Strands poster

Download this colorful poster to discover the AEPS-3 areas and strands that help ensure comprehensive assessment and meaningful instruction for young children. Read More

TPITOS Overview Poster

This poster provides an overview of the Teaching Pyramid Infant-Toddler Observation Scale, a tool for measuring fidelity of implementation of practices for promoting social emotional development in infant and toddler settings will be provided. Alignments with the DEC Recommended Practices, and its utility for informing coaching and professional development are also explained. Read More

Fair Is Not Always Equal Poster

Download this poster inspired by two resources: Universal Design for Learning in Action, Whitney Rapp’s practical UDL guide; and Teaching Everyone, a handbook from Rapp & Arndt that covers just about every aspect of inclusive education. Read More

Paraprofessional Poster

Download this decorative classroom poster from The Paraprofessional's Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms. Read More