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9 steps to plan a screening/monitoring program

Learn the nine steps needed to plan a successful screening/monitoring program, such as the ASQ-3. Unless careful thought is given to each step of the planning phase, serious difficulties may arise later when the system is in operation. Read More

Tips for transitioning to ASQ:SE-2

Are you transitioning to the second edition of ASQ:SE? It’s easy to make the switch to ASQ:SE-2. Here are nine helpful tips to keep in mind to make the transition go smoothly. Read More

ASQ Online reports guide

ASQ Pro and ASQ Enterprise enable users to generate a wide selection of reports for individual children, individual programs, and/or groups of children across multiple programs in an ASQ Online account. This guide summarizes the various reports available through ASQ Online. Read More

Tips for screening children from diverse cultures

In the course of your screening program, you’re sure to work with children from families who don’t speak English at home or who come from different cultures. Keep these insights in mind to ensure your screening program is both effective and culturally responsive to the families you serve. Read More