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Unsilenced: Chapter 13 Excerpt

In this excerpt from Chapter 13 of Unsilenced, Dr. Howard Shane recounts his early experiences teaching his students to use an innovative communication device he invented. It’s a fascinating look into the early days of augmentative and alternative communication. Read More

Using effective practices to teach students with moderate and severe disabilities

Read the excerpt to learn basic components of systematic instruction; how to task analyze a chained task; and describe how it can be taught across three instructional formats: forward chaining, backward chaining, and total task presentation. Upon completion of this excerpt, readers will be able to provide examples of general and specific attentional cues and responses, and describe the rationale for delivering one over the other. Read More

Classroom management

Read the excerpt and learn how to actively create inclusive learning environments that support all students, foster cultural understandings, promote safety and emotional well-being, support positive social interactions, and facilitate active engagement of all students. Read More