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SEAM parent summary form

Share this form with caregivers before reviewing SEAM results to help engage families in the process of identifying strengths, identifying areas to focus on, and sharing ideas and activities that can support the development of the identified skill. Read More

Using SEAM with families

SEAM assesses children’s social and emotional development, and can evaluate a caregiver’s readiness for providing ongoing support. Read More

Using the SEAM and the SEAM Family Profile

Read the scenario and see an illustration of how caregivers and practitioners might collaborate in using the SEAM system to assess a child and family and plan for subsequent intervention efforts based on SEAM results. Read More

SEAM at a glance

View the chart for a brief overview of the SEAM. The SEAM is an assessment that focuses exclusively on social-emotional and behavioral development in young children—and provides meaningful insights to caregivers and families. It provides in-depth information that can prevent problems by building positive partnerships with families and optimizing positive parent–child interactions in the first years of life. Read More

SEAM technical appendix

To confirm the utility and efficacy of SEAM, intensive research has been performed. Read more about the research behind SEAM in this technical appendix. Read More

Using ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 together

It’s common knowledge that all children should be screened early and often in order to determine which kids are developing typically and which are at risk for delays. Get the full picture by adding a social-emotional tool, such as ASQ:SE-2, to your screening program. Read More