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Phonological humor activity 4

Here's a fun activity designed to build students’ phonological skills while incorporating humor. This sample exercise is from Sounds Like Fun, an activity book packed with jokes and riddles that increase students' awareness of the phonemes that make up words. Read More

Give kids a strong start with social-emotional learning

Summertime is prime time for children to flex their social-emotional muscles: more free rein to express their emotions, interact with friends, negotiate play. A solid foundation of social-emotional skills also pays great dividends in the classroom. When you're ready to look ahead to next school year, consider taking a peek at the Strong Kids social-emotional program. With semi-scripted lessons for five different grade ranges, you'll give your students vital practice in identifying their feelings, managing their emotions, and regulating their behavior. Read More

Playing with your child with ASD

Use these practical tips to make playtime with your child with ASD enjoyable for everyone. The tips were gathered from Let's Talk, a practical guide for parents of young children with autism. Read More

Activity: Play Time

Here's a helpful chart on which least-intrusive adaptations early childhood teams should make in certain situations so that young students can most benefit from play time. Read More

Play skills checklist

View the sample play skills checklist, which can be used by parents to monitor their child's performance on basic play skills. The checklist includes three play categories: basic play skills, skills for playing alone, and skills for playing with others. Read More