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Literacy for students with significant disabilities

In this chapter excerpt, get answers to common questions about literacy instruction for students with severe disabilities, like "My student's congition is so low--where do I begin?" and "How can I teach my student to read when he can't even hold a pencil?" Read More

Becoming an effective literacy teacher

Read the excerpt for an overview of the expectations and responsibilities of a tutor, three critical considerations for effective and efficient instruction, how to work with parents, and descriptions of Common Core State Standards and multi-tiered systems of support. Read More

Q&A on Analyzing Reading Test Data

How do you link reading assessment results with effective interventions? Find out in this Q&A with the authors of Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction: Connecting Assessments to Effective Interventions. Read More

Q&A on Ensuring Literacy for All

What is the key ingredient teachers need to ensure all kids can read? Find out in this Q&A with the author of Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, Second Edition, and Speech to Print Workbook: Language Exercises for Teachers. Read More