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Disability Terminology Quiz

How up to date are you on the latest disability terminology? Find out in this quiz of terms and concepts selected by the editors of Dictionary of Developmental Disabilities Terminology, Third Edition. Read More

Behavior chart

View the sample behavior chart which can be used by parents to monitor their child's behavior on a weekly basis. The chart includes spaces for parents to indicate what behavior is being observed, how often the behavior is being observed, and how their child's behavior is changing over time. Read More

Home-care assessment

View the sample assessment, which can be used by parents to monitor their child's mastery of home-care skills and motivation level. The checklist includes seven categories: cleaning, laundry, food preparation, replacing used items, tool use, routine adjustments and maintenence, and nonroutine repairs. Read More

Play skills checklist

View the sample play skills checklist, which can be used by parents to monitor their child's performance on basic play skills. The checklist includes three play categories: basic play skills, skills for playing alone, and skills for playing with others. Read More

Promoting self-determination and self-directed learning

Read the excerpt and discover the importance of promoting self-determination for individuals with severe disabilities. This excerpt also addresses supporting self-determination in inclusive education, supporting the ongoing relationship between self-determination and opportunity, and promoting self-determination among youth from culturally diverse backgrounds. Read More